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Smooth and absorbing online learning opportunities

Numerous times I heard people say that face to face contact is irreplacable. And it is. But with the right approach, online meetings can be just as absorbing, interactive and instructive. I would even say that the bar is raised higher for webinars than for classical conferences and seminars where participants cannot leave with an inconspicuous mouse click.  

For me as a certified educational scientist and teacher, interaction, discussion and an informative/educational approach are essential ingredients of a good webinar. For sales pitches or - even worse - pre-recorded automated webinars I'd rather pass.


Obviously, the interaction cannot descend into a digital nightmare of fumbling with presentations, irritating echoes, speakers who are still on 'mute' and exponential participant dropout. Solid preparation and tight moderation are key - and that's where I come in.

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Good software, a solid preparation and a smooth moderator, those are the main ingredients of a memorable online event. Depending on your needs, I can provide the following services:

  • Access to a user-friendly webinar platform

  • Programming of your webinar in the webinar platform

  • Registration management and email communications with participants

  • Practice run to acquaint your speakers with the webinar platform

  • Moderation of the webinar: introduction of the software to the participants, announcing speakers, moderating a Q&A and/or discussion, interviewing speakers, holding polls, ...

  • Aftercare: publishing webinar recording, surveying participants for evaluation, ...

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