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We all know the meetings where think afterwards: what was the point of this anyway? Or the brainstorms in which always the same few people spout their opinions and no truly innovative ideas ever seem to emerge.

Group processes are very complex. There is much more going on than what is being said. We influence each other in countless ways. As a team leader it is very difficult to steer that process in the right direction and to participate in the discussion at the same time. And as a team member, it is very difficult to make sense of all that is said and not said if you don't have a basic understanding of group dynamics and the process of meeting.

I help you have those conversations.
Conversations that work.


The options


Ik facilitate your:


  • brainstorms

  • meetings

  • difficult conversations

  • tailormade workshops

using facilitation tools and  Deep Democracy

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I teach your team to:


  • give feedback

  • think out of the box

  • group dynamics in teams

  • have efficient meetings

  • network

  • speak in public

  • deal with emotions

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Holding Hands Up High

I entertain your team with:


  • Original teambuilding games

  • Light-hearted workshops that improve the functioning of your team and make it more insightful

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