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Communicating from person to person.
In 1-on-1 conversations we still manage pretty well. But when you try to achieve results with a whole group of people together, it becomes a lot more complex.


And how do you have a fascinating conversation with an anonymous audience in a room? Or even more difficult: with an invisible audience that watches your videos or listens to your podcasts?

I help you have those conversations.

Conversations that work.

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How do you reach people in times of information overload?

Nowadays people are inundated with information and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. And when we take the time to go to an event, or listen to a podcast, or watch a video, our standards are set pretty high, when it comes to our expectations in terms of quality.


So for organizations that want to spread information or promote knowledge exchange, it is not so easy to get and hold attention, let alone get people together at an event.


Events that work

All too often we get rocked to sleep at an event by boring presentations or debates. One by one speakers get to answer prepared questions. What happens on stage, has little to do with the audience in the room.

Too often we forget that we are actually human beings speaking to human beings.

As a professional moderator, I create conversations that work. When I moderate a panel discussion, for example, I always tell the speakers that they can respond to each other; that they shouldn't wait for me; that they may even ask each other questions, too, so that the whole thing really feels like a natural conversation.

Videos that work

And also when I coach people to speak in front of the camera, together we look for that conversational tone, for that connection with the audience behind the screen.


Reciting an memorized text with a standard background music is rapidly becoming old-school and inauthentic.

Teams that work

"When people enter the door of their work, they seem to leave common sense behind," I once heard. I wouldn't dare go that far, but it is a fact that we often don't say what needs to be said from an artificial idea of how to be 'professional'. From fear of negative reactions or consequences.

Not to mention the endless meetings of which we cannot tell afterwards what they actually accomplished. Or the brainstorms in which we can't get past the obvious ideas and then do nothing with afterwards.

When you work with a team of people, you can't do without communication and other soft skills. In my workshops, training and facilitation work, I not only provide the necessary tools and theory, but above all I let the team itself do the talking.

I guide, you have the conversation. A conversation that works.

I'm not standard. So neither is my work.

When I first started working as a moderator, I often felt like the odd one out. I found myself in the same market as tv journalists and other media personalities who could serve as a ringing name on the event program.

Until I realized that my background as an educator and teacher is a huge asset. I am trained to interact with people and convey knowledge and information in a comprehensible and engaging way.

With the combination of my pedagogical training and my extensive communications experience, I would love to help your organization engage in compelling conversations with your target audience or team.

Conversations that work.


These customers have preceded you



Sarah has developed and facilitated a networking game for Freelancers in Belgium. It was simply great.
I thought it was great, but more importantly our guests thought so too. Thanks.

Jean-François Bodart
Freelance sales coach
Community manager - Freelancers in Belgium

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